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The desire to participate

Lately I have been going through Jane McGonigal’s Reality is Broken. I got to see some interesting perspectives and terms being used to describing game studies. I also got to see the impact it can have on society and individuals. This post starts to think about how to participate more in real life than in gaming.

I am no stranger to Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) though from what she explained among her many chapters, the idea that everybody involving themselves with ARGs may shape or mold the experience of the game they play was new to me. Although I never really thought about it, one of my earliest memories of designing games was through some kind of ARG. I was a bit younger than my teenager years, and I used little pieces of papers to note down simple games that I could easily take with me. (Read More)

Hello world

Anyways, finally! I have finished setting this thing up. It took the last few days because of having to go through each portfolio project and making sure everything was alright with the transition from the old layout to the new. I’m hoping to post my thoughts somewhat regularly. We will see how this goes.