Designer and illustrator interested in tech and play.


I'm a UX/UI designer and creative who has a five year education in interaction design. I'm both a resourceful and flexible individual, who's willing to help out and collaborate in some way, given the opportunity. I've participated and helped host many workshop events (i.e. sketch/game jams) since 2014. A lot of those I've written about at

I was working as a digital designer at a non-profit organization that deals with foreign aid and child sponsorships. During my stay of over 3.5 years I grew a lot as a designer. During 2021 I created the design/layout of a ~90 page workshop book that describes collaborations with different organizations working with youth. I have also designed five box covers for a campaign run where the donations come through the buying of dates (the fruit).

Lately, in my free time, I've been trying to gain a more foundational knowledge in coding, and in-depth processes of creating certain projects from start to finish. I'm typically always learning new things and am open to discussing any ideas with others.

Thanks for taking an interest in me

Don't hesitate to reach out, and let me know if you have any questions :)


Selected works

Ixd Masters Thesis I

Enhancing Game Jam Experiences: Finding more productive and focused group work interactions through establishing a framework

The Height Experience

A responsive floor that visually reacts and creates a sense of height for passengers in transit.

Connectitude's KLAB Chair UI

As an exercise I created a UI for a crane-operating chair for Connectitude.

DeviceRadio's Einride tablet UI

DeviceRadio was tasked with creating a demo which includes tablet UI where a user remote controls a truck for Einride. I helped create the UI and some UX of the tablet experience.

Selected post

The Workshop Improv


We developed the workshop improv, which combines the aspects of active and cooperative learning together with learning through the body and by doing at the Royal Danish Theatre.

The presentation (325KB) could be viewed in PDF. The resulting wireframes (currently broken, sorry!) could be viewed, though the card generator was hosted locally.


A media agnostic approach was taken where we were to look at how cultural institutions could build better relationships with their audiences with today's media in mind.

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Made for: Malmö University Interaction Design Masters. Made together with Job Z..