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Latest blog post - 2020-02-19

Game user interface mixed exercise

I wanted to test out if I could innovate a little on the UI. One of the initial thoughts were to use subtle spatial hinting. Either through the motion of the UI or applying a more augmented aesthetic allowing the player to "feel" their status updates.

01 I think the weirdest coolest idea was to have the UI 'follow' the player around.

With these ideas explored, I decided to work with the idea of a more augmented HUD. I also set a goal to continue until I successfully 'break' the UI (and considering how late in the evening it was, how tired I got). The addition of the large text overlay did just that. I was trying to push the limits of any large nonverbal modals but had to settle and leave it at this. Ignoring that specific box, the rest of the UI seems quite consistent with what I had in mind. More so in the design and feel, not so much the ghetto fidelity.


Animus Home Graphics Manual

The Animus Home Graphics Manual can be downloaded to view.

This happens to be one I am proud of, as I composed and designed all the copy, layouts and details that make it consistent with it's branding philosophy. I even took the time to rectify their logotype a tiny bit so that it's more properly aligned and created some basic design guidelines.

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2020-02-19 - Game user interface mixed exercise
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Status log (latest 5)

2020-03-10 - A brand-spankin'-new asset log in /status that is automated. 🤖
2020-03-09 - Added a no-API Instagram feed to my Illustration work page.
2020-03-08 - Added a lot of practical functions for front page shenanigans.
2020-03-07 - Consolidations complete. Added better status aggregation too 😀
2020-02-29 - Consolidating asset links...may break some images.