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Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2016

I went and done the Alt Ctrl Game Jam for this year, which happened about 2 months ago. The idea of the jam is to create an alternative controller and a game in a little over a week’s time. This is the first time I am participating in an event that lasts that long in a jam setting. I think I have gotten used to the 48 hour format, so trying out an event that will take over a week is an interesting prospect. This post will detail the game controller creation and talk about the experience. (Read More)

An update about my updates

I wanted to post an update letting you all know that I have slowed weekly posts down to 1 to 2 every month.

I start an internship and have been busy with a lot of different projects. It would also give me the opportunity to expand on certain posts, so this will improve post quality.

So until next post, I will leave you with this photo of my Foomi

update Foomi

When support runs out on Zombies, Run


About a month ago I sent an e-mail to the Six to Start support team asking as a legacy user who backed the Kickstarter project if I was doomed to unlock seasons 1-3 slowly and go without the discount for further seasons. The reason for me suddenly sending in a support ticket is that I recently made the switch from an iPhone 3GS to an Android Nexus 5X. This post details a bit about the experience I had and what my thoughts are about it. (Read More)

A case for the Construct 2 showcase


One of the things I have noticed about Construct 2 that has me wondering is why I do not see more popular games being adopted by the game engine. Some of the reasoning I believe is that other engines like GameMaker has been around for much longer and were focused on multi platform support comparatively earlier, and have therefore had enough time to establish themselves as a presence on social media and the press. So here is a short post showing what I have found to currently be popular and where I found them. (Read More)

Character Driven generator recreated


So about three years ago there was a pretty nice blog which posted drawings other people sent in from whatever was generated on the website. The author Brett Bean has since moved on and I have reached out to him about it, but I would also like to show it here. I mean I just recently was going through my files and realized I never really showed anyone this thing I made which came about after reading that Character Driven’s code went kaput.

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Game Zanga game jam post-mortem

So another game jam has come into my sights, and this weekend it was the one for Game Zanga 6. This one is interesting because it’s one that is in the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region but we were allowed to do it remotely. It’s mostly because my good friend Jaffar (click to see his post-mortem of the jam) is in good contact with people there. He has a good style going and you should check his stuff out. In any case it was mostly a collaboration between him and myself. Samanta was there and worked on it some too, of course. The result you can see and play (careful, there’s audio!):

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The game jam checklist and troubleshooting tips

It’s been awhile but I am thinking about game jams again. I have been part of over 10 game jams (I think I lost count, but it’s around that number). This weekend made me feel more up to it seeing Ludum Dare 36 kick off. It’s always been a bit intimidating to participate in that particular game jam, as the community feels a bit too technical, and for some reason that (imaginary) bar is set a bit higher than other jams. The amount of cool games that come from the event is probably what made me stop each time in awe and struck me as a jam to be amazing at. This is all in my head of course, as the game jam experience is what you make them out to be as a participant. I’ll probably see if I can do an LD entry in October. The October jam only has one objective which lasts the month: publish the game and make at least $1. I think I would like to try that as my initiation into Ludum Dare, unless I miraculously do something tiny for LD36.

Anyways, I wanted to share the game jam checklist with troubleshooting tips that I recently re-updated, which I would copy into the post below. I also have it as a downloadable PDF file to keep or print out.

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Tiny Tower Spreadsheet Frenzy

I found out that about 4 months ago, Tiny Tower turned 5 years old. And that they are releasing it back into the app stores. The release promises a lot of new floors, better graphics, better management and best of all, the ability to save your tower into the cloud and share bitizens with friends. This made me remember my experience playing it back around 2012 (I’m unable to verify when I started playing, but this is a good guess) until the game stopped running around this time last year late August 2015. So after a few weeks or months when I started playing, I was starting to run into a problem with my tower: it was getting pretty tall and finding bitizens was getting harder. Around this time I was also interested in knowing how to work with Google Spreadsheets. I had this awesome idea. What if I combined them together?


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Instagram magic


After more than five years of having the same mobile phone, I finally bought a new one that’s more up to speed with technology. It’s decent and has a decent camera, which means I can now play around with a lot of apps and take photos that don’t suffer with photo grain (from 3MP to 12MP, it definitely makes a difference). Anyways! I wanted to demystify the world of Instagram. And then add an Instagram feed to my Illustrations section. I thought since I wanted a setup that was simple and easy to repeat, there were a few things I needed to find out.

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Of cheatsheets and infographics

I recently updated my Illustration portfolio with infographics which I made that reference shortcuts that help get you familiar with certain software. It started after I had a course using 3D Studio MAX. After a month or so of not using the software, I forgot a lot of the shortcuts which helped make it easier to model what I want. I had some notes written somewhere and I did pick it up again, but it bothered me that I could not find some kind of reference sheet that helped a user get back up to speed without flooding them with too much information.  (Read More)