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2021-01-11 - Some backend cleanup and starting to look into a new website structure.
2020-03-10 - A brand-spankin'-new asset log in /status that is automated. 🤖
2020-03-09 - Added a no-API Instagram feed to my Illustration work page.
2020-03-08 - Added a lot of practical functions for front page shenanigans.
2020-03-07 - Consolidations complete. Added better status aggregation too 😀
2020-02-29 - Consolidating asset links...may break some images.
2020-02-19 - Uhh...well it went ok. I'm out of time for now. But I got something to show and talk about, woo!
2020-02-18 - Plan is to make this front page showcase my current portfolio pieces. Let's see if we can get that up super soon!
2020-02-17 - So I adapted a lot of the old WordPress portfolio so I got something to show... a lot of it was utterly broken. I manually went into each entry to fix the images and links. So you can now at least see I done stuff 😀
2019-10-11 - Hey, I'm slowly remaking my portfolio. Thanks for being patient :)