The illustration work here is to display what I am capable of. I typically sketch ideas on paper before I start working digitally. I also have uploaded to Instagram, at


Varied work samples

I find these particular pieces cool to show off my abilities and efforts.

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ConceptX, Future of Biking

For this event I was tasked with documenting what happened in the form of illustrations. It was an event that took place over the weekend at Lund Innovation Center at Lund University. Read more about it on the archive of the website.

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Shortcut cheatsheets

I had some notes scribbled and it dawned on me that I could create simple infographics which may be printed out as a reference and a way to quickly be familiar with the software again. I used an OFL font called TitilliumText for the text. You can download these for print too.

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Signage work

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Other feeds

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