There's not enough rum


A tabletop game created at the Malmö Jams Too Card/Board Game Jam 2015. The theme of the jam was "Time Travel Frenemies".


With this project we went with the idea that one could affect other players movement by using their cards. We also figured out that if we made the track circular for the game board, players will be unable to fall or be pushed off the playable area. Finally it made sense that if you were to affect someone's movement that it would be more exciting for it all to happen at once. In this way there is less waiting for any one player to finish their turn in this game. What is interesting with this boardgame is that the second round or "barrel run" a certain card can be used to modify other cards into being player movement, which changes the dynamic of the game.

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You can look at the same information on the itch.io project page.


Made for the Malmö Jams Too Card/Board Game Jam 2015. Made together with Jaffar S. and Samanta M..