A 2-player "card boardgame" where you plant and harvest exotic spices to gain the most points. Requires specially printed deck of cards and 20 dice. Made during the Arabic Game Jam 2015.


While exploring possibilities of how players could use their dice, I found combining the use of two cards as if they were part of a boardgame allowed for progress to be shown where risk and strategy could be manipulated and played with. A lot of the process was serendipitous, though intuition and a few quick playtests revealed a good amount of mastery and replayability which made this a satisfying and enjoyable game.


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Here are the original rules and instructions (1.16MB) and the assembly instructions created at the game jam.

I have a page for the game on itch.io as well with these pdfs.


Made for the Arabic Game Jam 2015. I created this on my own within the time frame of 12 hours.