Grulf the Gentle Viking


A needs management game with lots of care. And love. And Grulf. Made for Global Game Jam 2015 under the theme of, "What do we do now?".


After our initial brainstorm we decided it would be hilarious to misplace a burly viking into a nursing home. The game then revolved around the nursing home resident's needs and desires, and so this became a management game of sorts. Although there are slight collision issues, the objective of the game is to pick up and throw grannies into rooms they needed to be in (we had other old people assets made, but ran out of time).


The project page can be found on the GGJ website. As it was made in Contruct 2 it can run straight from the browser.

You may also want to download the game (15.3MB) to try it in Construct 2.


Made using Construct 2 and requires a keyboard, but an XBOX controller works too. Made for the Global Game Jam 2015. Made together with Jaffar S., Samanta M., Erik N. and Job Z..