Hack in the Box


A game which used Malmö's public library space for 4-8 players where two-player teams compete against each other attempting to “hack” a computer.

The paper (5.05MB) could be viewed in PDF. Unfortunately the games do not have playable versions without the proper hardware (and location).


A player plays the Hacker and the other a Field Agent. The Agent searches cubicles for codes and signals it back to the Hacker, who sits in the balcony and remotely directs and helps the Agent. They also have to avoid a security searchlight that looks for the Agents. Once 8 codes have been obtained by a team, everyone relocates themselves to the bottom floor. The team members who combine their data and manages to hack the computer win the game.

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Processing with a DMX controller. Made for: Malmö University Interaction Design Masters. Made together with Carlo L., Job Z..

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