Together We Grow


A mobile infinite runner collection game where you tilt your device to move the character. Made for the Arabic Game Jam 2013.


A mobile game where the friendship with a plant enables Gilgamesh to learn about a world’s culture while feeding on it. It’s a collection game where the challenge lies in the amount of time you have in gathering culture. The player surfs through the level by tilting the mobile device. The main incentive that the game has is competition and high scores.

Jury's review: “High quality artistic and technical craftsmanship. Captivating gameplay!”

You may also download and try the game (25.1MB). There are other details included in the download as well.

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You can also see a bit of the gameplay video for this game, along with the tilt actions needed


Made using Unity for mobile (Android) devices. Made for the Arabic Game Jam 2013. Made together with Erik N., Hamid A., Jaffar S., Jeremy T., Kunal L. and Samanta M..