Switch Naga Go!


A 2 player twinstick and tower defense game which involves having the players switch their inputs every revolution. A game made for Global Game Jam 2012.


Appease your naga overlord! Players take turns trying to destroy their opponent's temples while building and keeping their own intact.

Every complete revolution the snake does is the amount of time you have on any side. Once the turn is done, the players switch their inputs (mouse/controller). Collect the energy crystals to build shrines on the other side, while shooting down the opponent's shrines and shooters. There are a set amount of shooters you can deploy per turn. The aim is to make sure your shrines survive a turn. The shrines that survive garner victory points. The player with the most victory points wins!

You may also try the game (12.9MB

A short 1m18s gameplay video can be seen as well


This was a game made within 48 hours which came from the theme of a picture of the ouroborous snake at the Nordic Game Jam 2012 at ITU, Copenhagen.

The four of us spent a lot of time ideating on how to best implement the best game thematically, but then quickly realized we should have just let go and had fun with it. We ended up mixing genres and finding a game that was in the genres of tower defense, item collection and asymmetrical play. We implemented a day/night cycle and used the theme to strike a good balance of playful mechanics and fun.


Created in Unity and requires a Windows OS, an XBOX compatible controller and a mouse in order to play. Made for: Global Game Jam 2012. Made together with Linus N., Nils T., Tindy H..