Game design

Previous game design or game jam projects. A few are post jam writeups even! I've also written all the post jam writeups you see at MalmöJamsToo and have maintained it's updates.

No Ninja Left Unseen

Using Construct 2 and XBOX controllers, we remotely created a quick round-based game centered around the theme of "Illusion" for Game Zanga 6.

Cultish Converts - Fruit of the Elder Gods

Using the LEAP motion and Processing, we created a gesture-based game centered around the theme of "Ritual" for Global Game Jam 2016.

There's not enough rum

A tabletop game created at the Malmö Jams Too Card/Board Game Jam 2015. The theme of the jam was "Time Travel Frenemies".


A 2-player "card boardgame" where you plant and harvest exotic spices to gain the most points. Requires specially printed deck of cards and 20 dice. Made during the Arabic Game Jam 2015.

Grulf the Gentle Viking

A needs management game with lots of care. And love. And Grulf. Made for Global Game Jam 2015 under the theme of, "What do we do now?".

Kings & Tens

A dueling card game for 2 players using a standard deck of 54 cards. Made for the Holiday Card Game Jam 2014.

Hack in the Box

A game which used Malmö's public library space for 4-8 players where two-player teams compete against each other attempting to “hack” a computer.


Based on your teammate’s description, find the puzzle piece placed in a grid on the square in Möllan.

The Backwards Stroll

A physical game where players attempt to steal and plant cardboard cards off other player’s backs.

Frightening Twister

A reimagined Twister game with the theme of being frightening.

Smuggler's End

A reverse tower defense mobile game where you avoid the towers and collect money to repair your truck-ship. Made for the No More Sweden game jam 2013.

Together We Grow

A mobile infinite runner collection game where you tilt your device to move the character. Made for the Arabic Game Jam 2013.

Switch Naga Go!

A 2 player twinstick and tower defense game which involves having the players switch their inputs every revolution. A game made for Global Game Jam 2012.

The Fluffles

A mobile location-based augmented reality game where you capture areas through Tamagotchi-like feeding.

Capitalists with Zombies

A boardgame for 4-5 players where the objective of the game is to garner as much fame and capital as soon as possible during a zombie outbreak.

D42K + the Infinite Kitchen

A cooperative game controller where the set of interactions are split between two players used in a first-person game where the aim is to take a carton of juice to the fridge, through a puzzling and seemingly endless kitchen.


A mobile location-based game where the aim is to map and conquer areas when travelling.


A 2 player experience consisting of a blacked-out pair of goggles with lights attached to a hacked PlayStation 2 controller.


A reimagined Scrabble game where listening plays a strong role in end-game play.


An augmented reality 2 player collection and mini-game which uses Wii controllers (~7min of play).

Nicely Dicely

A small battle game where players take turn rolling their die to take out their opponent.