My Tiny End for Tiny Tower


Well that's it for Tiny Tower I think! I found myself completing the rest of the 47 Tiny Tower achievements and after some thought, uninstalling the gameĀ 

Wait, what?

For those that are unfamiliar with the game. It's an idle mobile game by NimbleBit where you take care of an apartment by giving residents called bitizens a place to live and a job. The money they generate allow you to build more floors for living and working. You can earn a secondary currency called bux which allows you to upgrade the elevator, speed up construction and change appearances of the elevator, roof and lobby. As with all idle games, building and generating income takes time, so players usually play the game in short bursts

I also wrote about my forays into spreadsheet making and Tiny Tower in another blog post, if you are interested

Collections and progress

I reached the full year mark of playing it on a daily basis, then over the course of the next three months completed collections of all the costumes, lobbies and elevators. The roofs required way too many bux to complete, and the elevator speed was upgraded to 7.50 fps before it too was too costly

But I made it to 152 (could be 153) floors out of the 232 total!

Over the course of the year I was only able to get one (just one) golden ticket by raffle. So for fun I rebuilt my tiny tower to get a total of four tickets. I had two shops and 10 residential floors chock full of 9ers before I stopped :D

Getting achievements

For the Tiny Tower achievements themselves I simply made sure I had enough floors for two colors worth of floors (58) and two floors of residential bitizens to stock the floors. I would recommend going for the achievements after hitting at least 100 floors. So you can do clumps of achievements together. Be prepared to freeze your production while you hunt achievements because of gathering floors. By 100 floors you will be waiting 2-3 days to build floors already

I did happen to track achievements by spreadsheet, though it's easily done by listing all the achievements and floors you need and sorting them by their colors

Final thoughts on Tiny Tower

One thing that irked me a lot was that the app always took up a lot of storage. 308 MB worth of storage, mostly for all the ads, is a bit much. Near the end I even had to make sure to Back and exit the game properly, otherwise data loss will occur and I would lose several hours of idle play. This seems to be a known issue with force closing the app, but in my experience it happens even after long idle periods with the app in the background

Well it's been a good idle game overall. I think I played about two years total, when I remember that I made it just as far with my first tower on the iPhone (couldn't restore it). I think I reached around 130 floors then

The main reason for stopping was that I have collected and achieved my enjoyment of the game. Earning enough gold for each floor was taking about 10 days at this point, and the idle time grows over time as well. If you stare at the top floor long enough, you will see the value for buying a new floor increase. Ugh! I assume it is to prevent players from hoarding a lot of gold at a lower floor level. So if my estimations are correct, I also didn't want to play another 3-5 years to reach the 232nd floor

Unfortunately you will not be able to visit/view my tower unless I reinstall the game. Not that you can view the statuses of the bitizens, but at least to see the progress I made

I'm pretty happy with how far I got :)

Curious to see how the full tower looked at the year mark? (it's a very tall image...)