Character Driven generator recreated


So about three years ago there was a pretty nice blog which posted drawings other people sent in from whatever was generated on the website. The author Brett B. has since moved on and I have reached out to him about it, but I would also like to show it here. I mean I just recently was going through my files and realized I never really showed anyone this thing I made which came about after reading that Character Driven's code went kaput.

It only was a few week's worth of meager effort really. To generate the lists of words needed for the generator I went through all the pages of itscharacterdriven.blogspot.com and took whatever was posted and made them into text files that the code will look into when it needs to find words.

If you want to see it in action, I have it up here: evnh.com/out/chargen/ I included the files and source at evnh.com/out/chargen/chargen.zip

I felt Brett may get a kick of nostalgia seeing it again, but also felt like sharing it here for anyone curious who may find a use for it. There's probably a lot that should change, since it hasn't been altered after making it. Taking a quick look, I probably would move it to html from the xhtml 1.1 strict doctype, remove that inline CSS, clean up some of that CSS code so it's actually a bit more descriptive and attempt to fix that slight spacing issue if the random words picked are at the end of the array list made from the files given. The PHP is quite lazy as well, seeing that it generates an extra word for the noun and the myth files. Oh well, it's not a very taxing thing to do for this prototype!

I think the main reason why I haven't changed anything and continue not to is that I believe I have created something like this using Processing for some other project which was of much more use to me. Also, since this requires an internet connection to work and the Processing sketch doesn't, I probably felt like the offline version is better. The sketch is somewhere on my drives, though I could probably quickly whip up another quite as easily if I need to.

As a side note, I was also shown a very cool book recently (thanks Hampus!) called Fantasy Genesis by Chuck L. who is known for their RPG artworks which makes drawing a game in a similar fashion. It's quite interesting because here you roll dice and see what you come up with. It's geared more towards fantasy art in general but it's nice to see that there are ways to inspire and challenge new ideas.

In any case, much like the last blog post written on Character Driven, there are a lot of similar services out there which you can find with a quick Google search. I just liked this particular idea since it focused on descriptive character traits without being too restrictive or detailed.