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Hello world

2021-03-20 - My hello to the ocean of self-written posts out there.

Game user interface mixed exercise

2020-02-19 - My really quick exploration of a game user HUD-like interface.

My Tiny End for Tiny Tower

2017-12-30 - My finished run of playing Tiny Tower and my concluding thoughts.

What's interaction design?

2017-10-08 - My thoughts on the definition of interaction design.

Animus Home six month takeaway

2017-03-27 - As I am unable to show much of the work done during an internship at Animus Home, here are notes of my transferrable skills.

Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2016

2016-11-22 - A post-mortem for a game jam game made during Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2016.

Character Driven generator recreated

2016-09-11 - I recreated a character generator for drawing... well, characters.

Game Zanga game jam post-mortem

2016-09-04 - A game jam game post-mortem for Game Zanga 2016. A game I made together with Jaffar.

The game jam checklist and troubleshooting tips

2016-08-28 - I share a game jam checklist with troubleshooting tips in the form of a PDF and website page.

Tiny Tower Spreadsheet Frenzy

2016-08-21 - I talk about being interested and obsessing over spreadsheets along with an idle game called Tiny Tower.

Of cheatsheets and infographics

2016-08-07 - I talk about having references in the form of cheatsheets and infographics.

Logging and Documentation

2016-07-31 - I discuss the benefits of documentation and what to look for in creating good documentation.

Experience crafting: Ideas and evaluations

2016-07-24 - We talk very briefly about the process of designing games.

Experience crafting: Mechanics first

2016-07-17 - I focus on ways to go about thinking on designing the game experience and the process you may go through when doing so.

Paper prototyping: Chair epilogue

2016-07-10 - I discuss some quick notes about a cardboard chair I made. Part of a series on paper prototyping.

Paper prototyping: Final thoughts on construction

2016-07-03 - On paper prototyping and final thoughts, part of a series of the topic.

Paper prototyping: Reinforcements and affordances

2016-06-26 - On paper prototyping and affordances, part of a series of the topic.

Paper prototyping: Differences in the purpose approaches

2016-06-19 - On paper prototyping and differences in the purpose approaches, part of a series of the topic.

Paper prototyping: Repurposing or following purpose

2016-06-12 - On paper prototyping and purpose, part of a series of the topic.

Paper prototyping: Knowing your medium

2016-06-05 - On paper prototyping and playtesting early and often, part of a series of the topic.

Paper prototyping

2016-05-29 - On paper prototyping and an introduction, part of a series of the topic.

The desire to participate

2016-05-22 - On how I got into designing games.