Nya Vägar (i flera kommuner) book for Nordisk Hjälp

01 The front cover of the book. It alludes to the Nya Vägar logo a bit and seems relatable.

This book is a collaboration between the charity Nordisk Hjälp and a collection of other youth initiatives in different organizations. It is meant to be a book that inspires discussion and shows the different possibilities to both supporting and working with youth.

Each of the pages were carefully considered with what layout works best, how the text should fit appropriately and where each image should be placed.

I worked with a consistent design which includes the design for the discussions/questions at the end of each chapter. The final result is slightly different, as some updates made I did not have complete freedom to compromise or find a better resolution for.

03 04 A spread showing the discussion/questions that appear at the end of each chapter.

All of the images used were processed to keep the same quality. They were mostly sharpened, color/contrast examined with a slightly colored filter applied. Unfortunately as I did not work with the eventual print shop I could not adjust color brightness for photos that (for example) come out darker than they should be. Most of that was guess work.

In terms of font pairing, Lora was used for the copy text and Noto Sans for the headers. These are normally what we have in the Graphics Manual for use with the Nordisk Hjälp branding. The decision was to keep more of the Nordisk Hjälp look and familiarity by doing so, even if we reverse what is used for copy and headers.

Overall I am rather happy with the layout work that was accomplished. There was a lot of back and forth with different parties in getting this out and took the span of a year (because of these dialogues and updates) to accomplish.

08 The book looks pretty good in person, and the photos are of acceptable and passable quality. There was a little ink bleed through the pages, but thankfully it was not too distracting.

05 Some pages had this kind of magazine-like layout applied to give a more welcoming and smoother introduction to the chapter. The eyes were allowed to rest here before continuing.

06 07 Example of a spread where a full page was dedicated to an image. It is used here to lessen the amount of text at the start of these interviews and to give a face to the voice of the interviewee. For this page I also added more wall behind him.

02 A quick overview over all the pages that make up the workshop book.