Dadlerprojektet box covers for Nordisk Hjälp

01 A rendering of all the boxes to give a rough idea on how they initially looked and were designed.

This project was inspired by a board member of Nordisk Hjälp as a means to support different causes while also receiving something in return. This campaign depends on the demand for the product, and the cause behind each are an added extra. So in a way it was important that the designs of their packaging were something that people would want to collect and keep.

12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 All the rendered box covers from the front and back.

The five causes were represented as countries and they are the following (in no special order): Palestine, Syria, Yemen, Somalia and Myanmar. The colors for each box were chosen with each country in mind. I was given the following colors for each in the brief: olive green, Black, golden brown, light blue and lilac. They also had to be distinct enough to know they are different from a glance so I did my best to choose appropriately.

Each cover has a clear design which is mostly consistent with the others. Sometimes the Nordisk Hjälp logo had to shift because of the layout, and I was later asked to remove the country outline for Palestine (as it's territory is ambiguous and subjective).

02 03 04 05 06 Renders of each of the country's boxes.

In every backdrop of each cover I created graphics for the flower or plant that is a national symbol or known to each representative country. For Palestine it was olive branches, for Syria it was Jasmine (Jasminum), for Yemen it was Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) which is thicker than the usual Jasminum (and chosen for aesthetics), for Somalia the Giant Protea (Protea Cynaroidesis), and for Myanmar the Thazin orchid (Bulbophyllum auricomum). I've looked for each in their native countries as reference.

The geometric designs that make up the sides and background of the boxes were inspired by Islamic art. The appeal of the product to the demographic we were making this for was best suited for this, and the foreign aid Nordisk Hjälp is providing to these countries is also catered towards this design aesthetic.

07 A sample of each of the geometric designs made for the box sides and background.

One of the largest issues with the execution of this project was that there was no Quality Control. So I was bound to make simple errors because I was asked to do changes per request of the management. One of the bigger errors, for example, was to not include Somaliland in the country outline of Somalia (it is rendered correctly in this article however). I just did not have enough time to check to ensure what I had was correct as I was quickly making a lot of minor changes near a rushed deadline to finish the designs.

Another requested change was to remove my initial fruit date design off the cover and make each country the focus instead. I still feel like an image of the fruit would at least indicate what we were providing in the boxes, but I also did not really have a say in this decision and with such short notice.

22 An initial design showing the fruit image that was created.

23 24 Here are the designs for the back covers. The backdrop patterns varied along with the patterns given to each box.

I followed the suggested sizes according to the brief, and accounted for bleed in my design. Though it turned out later that the box sizes were much more different (due to the choice of vendor) and my design was later adapted to fit a smaller box.

25 26 How the designs eventually turned out.