An interactive screen-based roleplay where parents and their children may mimic fairy-tale characters and settings using props in real life.

The presentation (808KB) could be viewed in PDF. Otherwise, feel free to test the prototype (5.23MB) out in SWF. It comes without personalizations, and you may need to reference the key mappings shown below. Try spelling “zcaabgnhnh”.


The concept was to use the Wizard of Oz technique to tailor these experiences to willing parents who wanted to indulge in their children’s playful tendencies.


One particular objective was to create a new screen-based experience that allowed for improvised and real life reactions and response. I helped facilitate this through the creation of a Flash-based interface, with active participation in observing reactions to the technique. Made for: Malmö University Interaction Design Masters. Made together with Liza Shkirando, Rozina Sidhu Koskela, Chomphunut Haglund.

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