Smuggler’s End

A reverse tower defense mobile game where you avoid the towers and collect money to repair your truck-ship. Made for the No More Sweden game jam 2013.


A mobile game where you play the part of a smuggler collecting cash to repair their truck-ship. It’s a run-and-dodge game where you avoid the laser turrets and mines. You are able to collect cash for repairing parts at the portals after each wave. Think of it as a reverse Tower Defense meets racing game.

The source code can be looked at on GitHub, and you can download and try the game (17.1MB) if you are interested. A very short pitch was also made.


Made using Unity Pro for the shaders and graphics for mobile (Android) devices. Made for the No More Sweden game jam 2013. Made together with Erik Nilsson, Jaffar Salih, Jeremy Tuloup, Jonathan Hansson, Kunal Luthra and Samanta Miszkiel.

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