IxD Masters Thesis II

Collaborative Community Engagement: Developing a framework towards community engagement through an online collaborative drawing platform

The deliverables (1.5MB+) could be downloaded and viewed. The paper (3.2MB) can be found on Malmö University Electronic Publishing (MUEP).


The thesis focuses on understanding the relationship between remotely collaborative team members and the community userbase. This is done through a series of experiments where both workshops and interviews led to the development of a framework. The methodology developed melded workshops and interviews together with evaluation and iteration periods in what is called ‘workshop rounds’. Prototypes transitioned into ‘living prototypes’ as they involved an actual set of live users which furthermore required high-fidelity implementation. The framework created established team-to-team communication with considerations for eventual users in an open dialog. Suggestions in different directions towards collaborative contributions completed the efforts of a scaffolding approach. The project is relevant to collaborative media methodology where the case studies constructed understandings in design research on the topic of remote collaboration in community engagement and development.



Made for: Malmö University Interaction Design Masters.

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