Collection of illustrations

I have not really set up a proper portfolio of work, so I quickly whipped this up to display what I am capable of designing. I typically sketch ideas out on paper before I start working digitally.

In no particular order are pieces which I find intriguing enough to show and exemplary of my abilities and efforts. Thank you for taking time to look at my works.



This was part of my identity work as evnh. I represented myself as someone multi-layered and abstract.



Some process for my identity work as evnh. This is a techquipu, a portmanteau of technology and quipus (also known as talking knots).



I am able to do more freeform logotypes for events.



I am also able to do design work that includes font play.



Some of my brainstorming for a logo concerning a “city in the sky”.



One of the mockups made to see how things look. The logotype was for a startup called Dreamperium.



This was for a friend’s World of Warcraft character. The name is from a Norwegian black metal band of the same name, and references were used to inspire this ambigram design.



These are samples of fonts I have created. Most are handwritten.