Interaction design projects

Connectitude’s KLAB Chair UI

As an exercise I created a UI for a crane-operating chair for Connectitude. It was a previous job they tackled and it was interesting to see what my take on it became. 

DeviceRadio’s Einride tablet UI

DeviceRadio was tasked with creating a demo which includes tablet UI where a user remote controls a truck for Einride. I helped create the UI and some UX of the tablet experience.

Weather app in Material Design

I made a weather app design as a design exercise for Sony. It is heavily inspired by Material Design as that was part of the brief. See the screens after the jump.

IxD Masters Thesis II

Collaborative Community Engagement: Developing a framework towards community engagement through an online collaborative drawing platform

IxD Masters Thesis I

Enhancing Game Jam Experiences: Finding more productive and focused group work interactions through establishing a framework

Hack in the Box

A game which used Malmö’s public library space for 4-8 players where two-player teams compete against each other attempting to “hack” a computer.

The Workshop Improv

We developed the workshop improv, which combines the aspects of active and cooperative learning together with learning through the body and by doing at the Royal Danish Theatre.


An interactive screen-based roleplay where parents and their children may mimic fairy-tale characters and settings using props in real life.

The Height Experience

A responsive floor that visually reacts and creates a sense of height for passengers in transit.

IxD Bachelor Thesis

Motivational Aspects of Gameplay: The Roles of Indirect Engagement and Social Presence in Play

Yalla Friday

A service designed to increase the quality of the food provided to users of assisted living in Rosengård and to decrease loneliness among them.

D42K + the Infinite Kitchen

A cooperative game controller where the set of interactions are split between two players used in a first-person game where the aim is to take a carton of juice to the fridge, through a puzzling and seemingly endless kitchen.