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An update about my updates

I wanted to post an update letting you all know that I have slowed weekly posts down to once in awhile.

I start an internship and have been busy with a lot of different projects. It would also give me the opportunity to expand on certain posts, so this will improve post quality.

So until next post, I will leave you with this photo of my Foomi

update Foomi

When support runs out on Zombies, Run


About a month ago I sent an e-mail to the Six to Start support team asking as a legacy user who backed the Kickstarter project if I was doomed to unlock seasons 1-3 slowly and go without the discount for further seasons. The reason for me suddenly sending in a support ticket is that I recently made the switch from an iPhone 3GS to an Android Nexus 5X. This post details a bit about the experience I had and what my thoughts are about it. (Read More)

Character Driven generator recreated


So about three years ago there was a pretty nice blog which posted drawings other people sent in from whatever was generated on the website. The author Brett Bean has since moved on and I have reached out to him about it, but I would also like to show it here. I mean I just recently was going through my files and realized I never really showed anyone this thing I made which came about after reading that Character Driven’s code went kaput.

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Instagram magic


After more than five years of having the same mobile phone, I finally bought a new one that’s more up to speed with technology. It’s decent and has a decent camera, which means I can now play around with a lot of apps and take photos that don’t suffer with photo grain (from 3MP to 12MP, it definitely makes a difference). Anyways! I wanted to demystify the world of Instagram. And then add an Instagram feed to my Illustrations section. I thought since I wanted a setup that was simple and easy to repeat, there were a few things I needed to find out.

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Of cheatsheets and infographics

I recently updated my Illustration portfolio with infographics which I made that reference shortcuts that help get you familiar with certain software. It started after I had a course using 3D Studio MAX. After a month or so of not using the software, I forgot a lot of the shortcuts which helped make it easier to model what I want. I had some notes written somewhere and I did pick it up again, but it bothered me that I could not find some kind of reference sheet that helped a user get back up to speed without flooding them with too much information.  (Read More)

Hello world

Anyways, finally! I have finished setting this thing up. It took the last few days because of having to go through each portfolio project and making sure everything was alright with the transition from the old layout to the new. I’m hoping to post my thoughts somewhat regularly. We will see how this goes.