I am an interaction designer and illustrator interested in technology and playfulness. See the CV

A weather app in Material Design

I made a weather app design as a design exercise recently. It is heavily inspired by Material Design as that was part of the brief.

Some added features

There’s not much to add really, although I made a lot of considerations about context and how a weather app should be used today. Which brought me to the idea of having a forecast subtitle, which tells you if you need to bring something (an umbrella, a jacket, etc.) or simply summarize the weather until you do need to bring something.

There were indications that I wanted a filter system which would de-clutter the overview. The thought behind that is the ability to “collect” weather cards and still keep a relatively simple Overview screen that doesn’t scroll for forever.

The weather app screens

What I learnt working half a year at Animus Home

I spent about a half a year with Animus Home and I got to learn a lot while doing lots of practical work. What follows in no particular order are things that I have done or worked with that I learnt more from.

Acquired knowledge or skills

  • Copy editing and translating text from Swedish to English.
  • A lot of copy editing, actually. Some of it is technical writing.
  • Understanding graphics manuals, instruction leaflets and instructive illustrations.
  • Understanding documentation (knowledge bases too) and branding.
  • Working with HTML, CSS and JS. Widely ranges from reading Google Forms into a page to CSS animations.
  • Working with printed materials from flyers to packaging.
  • Graphic design of an mobile app icon. Understanding logotype design.
  • The graphic design of multiple UI icons.
  • Wireframes and tutorials.
  • Motion graphics (very briefly).
  • How to do a good voice over (also super briefly).
  • A lot of illustrative work and knowing how to deal with a large workload.
  • Retouching and generating images to use for social media, branding, marketing and anything else.
  • Creating copy for blog posts over the span of multiple days.
  • Strengthened my knowledge over user experience flow.
  • Strengthened my understanding of software development.

Due to the nature of the content I am unable to show examples or even talk about these more specifically. But I can safely say that I have grown into my roles very nicely and can happily share some of what I have done privately (again, there are limits to what I can show).