A case for the Construct 2 showcase


One of the things I have noticed about Construct 2 that has me wondering is why I do not see more popular games being adopted by the game engine. Some of the reasoning I believe is that other engines like GameMaker has been around for much longer and were focused on multi platform support comparatively earlier, and have therefore had enough time to establish themselves as a presence on social media and the press. So here is a short post showing what I have found to currently be popular and where I found them.

The first thing that catches my eye is that the Construct games showcase is not front-and-center and is located on a separate tab (the other two tabs are the Download and Buy links which are littered down the page as well). I can understand that having the links ever-present would allow them to be more likely clicked, though having the links in big buttons at the top and later on the bottom as a call-to-action with a short list of the features (with the link to the manual/documentation) before paragraphing the features would serve just as well. I suppose I am being overly critical because I can see a lot more improvement in presentation which only requires simpler design. It’s suffering too much design, if you want to see it that way.

Another place to find showcased games are in the forums, under Construct 2 Creations. There’s a missed opportunity here where this could have been linked in the official showcase to show that there are plenty more games to look at, and a direct link to start engaging with the community, which is one of the strong points with choosing this game engine: a very responsive and helpful community that can get you going. Other links which should be worth mentioning is the Steam Workshop for Construct 2, where a lot of the greenlit or in progress games show up on the Steam platform and Scirra’s YouTube channel (which needs more activity), where some games are showcased.

Some of the most popular games at the moment like Our Darker PurposeThe Next Penelope and Angvik don’t really advertise themselves as Construct 2 games, which is peculiar and somewhat magical in a way. Word of mouth can still be a powerful perpetrator in social media but I think there still needs to be some kind of showcase that is somewhat ‘alive’ or updated regularly.

With that in mind, I would have also liked to see links to some good devlogs to follow which I believe would be just as important to link as the manual. An example of one that I found fascinating is the devlog for a game called Greed. The idea for this is that one could follow along with the development of a few games to see how the developer handles situations and be able to experience some of the development to know what could be in store for them later.

There’s no real conclusion to these thoughts and it’s more of a general summary with me being a little nitpicky, but hopefully you as a reader can check out what Construct games are out there and see the great potential this game engine has to offer for for-profit ventures.

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